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Ministry of Justice and the accredited organizations for intercountry adoption discuss the adoptions international

March 23, 2010

"The Ministry of Justice completely changed its policy on international adoptions in the direction of more active work, discussion and joint decisions with NGOs involved in the adoptions. As a result, international adoptions of children have risen at times ", said The Minister of Justice Mrs. Margarita Popova at the opening of the National Conference ‘’The adoption children- the challenges and responsabilities of the institutions and organizations involved in the process".

Minister Popova said that in 2009 Intercountry Adoptions Council to the Ministry of Justice made 276 proposals for international adoption of the 308 children, were given 200 consents to the adoption for 220 children.

The forum, which is organized by the Ministry of Justice and the Association Accredited Organisations International Adoptions, uniting 23 Bulgarian Organizations for mediation in international adoptions, was to outline the first results of implementation of the new Family Code, and the challenges and opportunities for public institutions, the capacity of municipalities and the ACCREDITED ORGANIZATIONS FOR INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION working in this field.

The Deputy Minister of Justice and President of the Council for International Adoptions Mrs. Daniela Masheva reviewed the new law regulations on international adoptions, and paid explicit attention to the special measures for children with specifics in health and higher age.

Representatives of accredited organizations have expressed special thanks to Ministry of Justice for the high sensitivity and understanding to the problem. They have presented gratitudes for the efforts be more adopted more sick children. The President of the ASOSSIATION OF THE ACCREDITED ORGANIZATIONS FOR INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION (AOMO) M. Nikolay Elenkov has expressed special thanks to the Ministry of Justice” team for the given opportunity to prospective adoptive parents from abroad to reach photos and videos of children, which significantly increases the chance for them to be more quickly adopted by families.

The conference was attended by 5-year-old Elina, whose adoption procedure started in November 2009 and ended in March 22, 2010, and her adoptive mother Yvonne Vilemur comes from U.S.A. The forum revealed that most adoption candidates are from the USA, Sweden and Italy.