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Organization of work

1. THE FOUNDATION and its specialists exercise in good faith their rights and obligations and their behaviors deserve the confidence and respect of the society. THE FOUNDATION ensures that the obligation of loyalty and respect of its specialists to THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS is respected. During the selection of its specialists THE FOUNDATION ensures these poses moral qualities, professional skills, experience and responsibility and makes sure these will not disclose information about THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS that they have learned on the occasion of working for THE FOUNDATION.

2. THE FOUNDATION respects the law and the international acts, respects the Bulgarian and foreign bodies and institutions and maintains respectable relations with the other accredited organizations.

3. THE FOUNDATION does not assign or transfer its permission for mediation for international adoptions.

4. THE FOUNDATION mentions the number of its permission in its correspondence, exchanged with THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS, bodies, institutions, organizations and third persons.

5. THE FOUNDATION keeps track of the respective terms and stages of the adoption procedure and takes necessary action with due care.

6. THE FOUNDATION provides necessary specialists (lawyers, physicians, psychologists, and pedagogues) with suitable skills in the field of the international adoption.

7. THE FOUNDATION places at a conspicuous place in its premises its permission for mediation for international adoptions, the list of countries it is entitled to work with, list of fees to be paid to the state and THE FOUNDATION. 8. THE FOUNDATION ensures suitable premises for the adoptive parents, providing best conditions for keeping the confidentiality of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS' personalities, documentation and information.

9. THE FOUNDATION maintains a dossier of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS, which is kept in by specially authorized person.

10. During the procedure the specialists, working for THE FOUNDATION, answer ADOPTIVE PARENTS' questions relevant to international adoption procedure as well as the relations between THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS and THE FOUNDATION.

11. PRIOR TO CONCLUDING THE CONTRACT THE FOUNDATION informs in details THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS about the the information under art. 18, paragraph 2 point 8, of Regulation No. 12/2009 of the Ministry of Justice, as follows:
    11.1. About FOUNDATION'S purposes and main subject of operation;
    11.2. Mediation permission, its validity term and rights conferred to the FOUNDATION;
    11.3. Exact amount of state fees as specified by state regulations as well as the necessary financial means for fulfilling the mediation;
    11.4. FOUNDATION'S work organization;
    11.5. Adoption procedure according to the Bulgarian law;
    11.6. Requirements to be met according to the law of ADOPTIVE PARENTS' state of usual residence;
    11.7. Documents required for adoption;
    11.8. Consequences from adoption according to the law of child's usual residence state (Bulgaria) and ADOPTIVE PARENTS' usual residence state;
    11.9. Other circumstances of significant importance for relations between FOUNDATION and ADOPTIVE PARENTS; The ADOPTIVE PARENTS are informed about their right to bring signal against FOUNDATION'S actions or lack of actions as well as to make proposal with respect to FOUNDATION'S operation improving;

THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS usually residing abroad to the full adoption of a Child usually residing in Republic of Bulgaria,

12. THE FOUNDATION fulfills the entire activity for mediation for international adoptions by THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS usually residing abroad that wish the full adoption of a Child usually residing in Republic of Bulgaria or THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS usually residing in Republic of Bulgaria that wish to adopt a Child usually residing abroad. This procedure includes: taking of all necessary actions for entry of the Adoptive Parents in the respective registers of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria; consulting, requirement of necessary documents, elaborated in the required form, translation and certification and filing of the Adoptive Parents' documents, the adoption application and all other information necessary for protection of the child's interests; receiving, translation and submission a report about the adoptive child's personal data, health condition, social status, photograph and, if needed video and other materials about the child; giving to the persones usually residing in Republic of Bulgaria, wishing to adopt a child usually residing abroad, the information, submitted by the respective body or organization, about the specific child; mediation for establishment of contact between the determined Adoptive Parents and adoptive child; preparation and filing of an adoption application together with the entire dossier; mediation for carrying out and ensuring the representation of Adoptive Parents before the Ministry of Justice, Council for International Adoptions, competent Bulgarian Court, municipality, police, respective Embassy of the accepting country or the Central Body and the other competent bodies of the country of origin of the foreign child, as well as with all other Bulgarian and foreign bodies and institutions, relevant to all stages of carrying out the procedure of international adoption in the Republic of Bulgaria or the respective country of origin of the child; mediation for the issue of a permission for the child to leave the country of origin and to enter the accepting country, as well as for the permission for permanent residence of the child in the respective country; ensuring security and proper transport conditions for the child and, upon Adoptive Parents' decisions, transport or accompanying of the child; cooperates for the taking of actions for return of the child to the country of origin, if the decision of the competent body of the country of origin is not recognized in the accepting country until one year as of its enforcement, and control of the child's condition during this period.

13. THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have to meet the requirements of the law of their permanent residence relevant to permission for adoption of a child, and they have to inform within 30-days THE FOUNDATION when circumstances, relevant to their ability to become Adoptive Parents, change. THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have to help THE FOUNDATION to fulfill its pre-adoption, adoption and post-adoption activity for mediation for international adoptions, as required by the law. THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have to obtain the necessary documents for the adoption procedure within the term specified by THE FOUNDATION, which meets the terms mentioned by the Bulgarian law. THE FOUNDATION has to receive the documents in such a manner to have enough time to proceed to the translation and to submit the documents to the respective bodies within the terms specified for the procedure. THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have to specify their telephone number (cellular, if available), address, e-mail address or other contact in order to maintain permanent contact with THE FOUNDATION and to enable it to fulfill its obligation for giving information about the progress of the procedure, as well as to require documents, to take actions upon meeting the terms specified in the regulations for international adoptions.

14. Every six months during a period of 2 years AFTER THE ADOPTION, THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have to send POST PLACEMENT REPORTS to THE FOUNDATION about the child's adaptation, elaborated by the social service at the place of residence of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS or the foreign organization that carried out the mediation. THE FOUNDATION submit, to the Ministry of Justice the POST PLACEMENT REPORTS concerning the conditions of life, the progress, the level of physical, mental and emotional development of the child, his/her attachment to the adoptive parents, the parent’s care and abilities, the measures to promote the cultural identity of the child and others;

Here you can find a table for the costs and fees related to intercountry adoption according to the sample from Hague Conference on Private International Law

Data Protection Policy

General Information

On 25 May 2018 the EU enforced a new General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation aims to ensure the protection of data of individuals from all EU Member States and to harmonize the regulations for their processing.

In its quality of Personal Data Administrator „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation meets all requirements of this new Regulation by collecting data of the persons insofar as this data is necessary for the provision of the services rendered by the Association and keeping it in a responsible and legal manner.

Information regarding the Personal Data Administrator

1.     Name: Chance For Every Child Foundation / “Shans za vsiako dete”/

2.     EIK/BULSTAT: 130944558

3.     Seat: 1A. Racho Dimchev str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. 4 floor, ap. 8

4.     Place of Business: 1A. Racho Dimchev str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. 4 floor, ap. 8

5.     Mailing Address: 1A. Racho Dimchev str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. 4 floor, ap. 8

6.     Telephone/Fax: + 359 2 981 02 12 + 359 2 989 64 07

7.     E-mail:,

8.     Website:

9.     Data Protection Official: Lyubomir Penchev

10.   Contacts: 1A. Racho Dimchev str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. 4 floor, ap. 8


                        Tel.: +359 886 109 109

Information regarding the competent control authority

1.     Name: Commission for Personal Data Protection

2.     Seat and place for business: 1592 Sofia City, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd.

3.     Mailing address: 1592 Sofia City, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd.

4.     Phone :02 915 3 518

5.     Email:,

6.     Website:

„Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation operates in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council as of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Grounds for Collecting, Processing and Storing Your Personal Data. Goals and Principles.

Art. 1. (1) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation collects and processes personal data provided by you in regard with our mediation activities in international adoption procedures in order to:

·           • Providing specific information regarding your request

·           • Preparing agreements and performing services as per this agreement.

·           • Preparing and processing data contained in your dosser for submission to the Ministry of Justice of comprehensive information on your permission to adopt a child with a habitual residence in the Republic of Bulgaria and about your specific characteristics in this relation.

·           • Implementation of the normative requirements of the Family Code, Ordinance No. 2/24.10.2014 on the terms and conditions for issuing and suspension of licences for mediation in international adoption and for granting approval by the Minister of Justice; the Convention of   29.05.1995 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria.

·           • Use of data collected for the implementation of the intercountry adoption procedure, including procedural representation, as well as post-adoption monitoring for two years as of the date the completion of the adoption procedure by the means of effective court ruling.

·           • Implementation of statutory requirements of the Accountancy Act and other relevant normative acts.

·           • Implementation of all activities related with the existence, amendment and termination of the contractual relations

·           • Establishing contacts by phone, mailing address and/or email for correspondence related with the fulfilment of obligations under the agreements concluded by the Association.

(2)Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation follows the following principles for processing your personal data:

·           legality, good faith and transparency;

·           limitations for the purposes of processing;

·           relevance to goals of processing and minimizing the collected data;

·           accuracy and actuality of data;

·           limited storage with a view to achieve goals;

·           integrity and confidentiality of processing and ensuring suitable level of security of personal data.


What type of personal data is collected, processed and stored by „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation ?

Art. 2. (1) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation collects, processes and stores the following types of personal data about their clients:

1.    Related with physical identity: names, personal number, passport data, address, place of birth, contact phone numbers, etc.;

2.     Related with psychical identity, and in particular on mental health;

3.     Related with psychological identity, and in particular – documents related with their mental health;

4.     Related with economical identity, and in particular – data about property status;

5.     Related with cultural identity – interests, hobbies and other leisure activities;

6.     Related with family identity: marital status (married, divorced, number of members of the family, including children, etc.);

7.     Related with education: type of education, additional qualifications, etc.;

8.     Related with work experience – professional biography, data from labour book, etc.;

9.     Related with the civil status of the persons – criminal record clearance, parental rights clearance, etc.

10.  Contact phones, e-mails.

(2) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation does not perform data-driven automated decision making.

Term of storage of your personal data

Art. 3. Personal data collected about you are stored for 5 years after the completion of the court proceedings and receipt of 4 post-placement reports, in compliance with the good court practice rules.

Your rights related with collection, processing and storage of your personal data

Withdrawal of consent for processing your personal data

Art. 4. In case you do not want some or all of your personal data to continue to be processed by „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation for any or all processing purposes, you may at any time withdraw your consent for processing by completing an online form or by requesting in your own words, as long as this does not contradict the current legal framework that regulates the adoption activity.

Right to access

Art. 5. (1) You are entitled to request and receive confirmation from „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation regarding whether they are processing your personal data.

(2) You are entitled to receive access to data related with this processing as well as to the information related with collection, processing and storage of your personal data.

(3) Upon request „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation shall provide you copy of your processed personal data in digital or other suitable form.

Right to correct or complete

Art. 6. Upon submission of a request to „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation , you may correct or complete inaccurate or incomplete data related with you

Right to deletion (“to be forgotten”)

Art. 7.(1) You are entitled to request „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation to delete the personal data related with you, and „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation is obliged to delete it without undue delay, upon any of the following justifications:

·           your personal data are not needed anymore for the purposes it has been collected for or otherwise processed;

·           You revoke tour consent which permits the processing of your personal data and there is no legal grounds for further processing;

·           You object the processing of your personal data, including for direct marketing purposes, and there are no legal grounds for such a processing that prevail;

·           Your personal data are not processed in a way that is in conformity with the current legislation;

·           Your personal data need to be erased in order to comply with the legal obligation under EU legislation or State-Member legislation which applies to „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation ;

·           Your personal data has been collected in relation to provision of services to information society.

(2) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation is not obliged to delete your personal data in case they store and process it:

·           for executing the right of freedom of expression and right of information;

·           for meeting a legal obligation which requires processing, stipulated by the EU legislation or State-Member legislation which applies to the Administrator or for performing a task of public interest, or upon executing official rights;

·           on public interest reasons in the field of public health;

·           for purposes of archiving in public interest, for scientific or historical studies or statistical purposes;

·           for determining, executing or defense of legal claims.

(3) In order to exercise your right “to be forgotten”, you must submit a written request to „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation , as well as to prove your identity with the person the data are related to, as well as to present on site your ID card in order to identify yourself.

(4) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation shall not delete data for which there are legal grounds for storage, including for defense regarding juridical claims towards „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation or for giving a proof of their rights.

Right to limitation

Art. 8. You are entitled to request „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation to limit the processing of data related with you in case:

·           you contest the accuracy of your personal data for a time limit that allows „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation to verify the accuracy of your personal data;

·           processing does not correspond to the current legislation, but you do not desire your personal data to be deleted but only to limit its usage;

·           „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation does not need any more your personal data for the purposes of processing but you request it for determining, execution or defense of your legal claims;

·           you have objected against the processing while expecting a verification whether the legal grounds of „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation prevail your own legal grounds.

Right to receive information

Art. 9. You may request „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation to inform you about any recipients to whom personal data requiring correction, deletion or restriction of processing has been provided. „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation may refuse to provide this information in case this would not be possible or would require disproportional effort.

Right to object

Art. 10. You may object to the processing of your personal data related to you by „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation , including if it is being processed for profiling or direct marketing purposes.

Your rights in cases of violation of your personal data privacy

Art. 11. (1) In case „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation detects a violation in your personal data privacy that may pose a high risk to your rights, we shall promptly inform you for this violation as well as for the measures undertaken or shall be undertaken.

(2) „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation is not obliged to inform you if:

·    „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation has undertaken suitable technical and organizational security measures for the data affected by privacy violation;

·    „Shans za vsiako dete“ Foundation has undertaken measures which guarantee that this porivacy violation shall not pose a high risk to your rights;

·     This notification would require disproportional effort.

Persons that receive access to your personal data

Art. 12. The Administrator submits data to governmental authorities such as the Ministry of Justice – Central Authority under art. 16 of the Hague Convention, court, the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as other revising authorities – upon due request for this data in connection with exercising their powers.

Other provisions

Art. 13. In case of violation of your rights under the above or applicable data protection laws, you are entitled to file a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection as follows:

1.     Name: Commission for Personal Data Protection

2.     Seat and place for business: 1592 Sofia City, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd.

3.     Mailing address: 1592 Sofia City, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd.

4.     Phone:02 915 3 518

5.     Email:,

6.     Website:

Art. 14. You may exercise all your rights related with the protection of your data through the forms enclosed to this information. Of course, these forms are not mandatory and you may make your claims in any form containing statement about it and identifies you as data holder.

Art. 15. In case the consent is related to a transfer, the Administrator shall describe the possible risks of personal data transfer to third states that provide no adequate protection.


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