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Stages of the Procedure

1. Entry of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS in the respective register

The Applicants have to submit the necessary documents meeting the legal requirements for their form and contents.
THE FOUNDATION ensures mediation for the entry of the foreigner, wishing to adopt a Bulgarian child under the conditions of full adoption.
THE FOUNDATION ensure the contacts between the Ministry of Justice and the Applicants both on the occasion of the entry in the register and the last stage - determination of the Applicants as suitable adoptive parents for a specific child.

2. Determination of suitable foreign ADOPTIVE PARENTS for adoption of a specific child

THE ORGANIZATION conveys to THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS the notification from the Minister of Justice, stating the Applicants are approved to adopt a specific child, with respect to the proposal made by the International Adoption Council.
THE FOUNDATION convey to THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS the report for the specific child, elaborated by International Protection of child and Intercountry Adoptions Direction near the Ministry of Justice and accompanied by the child's photograph.

THE FOUNDATION mediates for:
• organization and making a contact between THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS and the child for at least 5 days. THE FOUNDATION, instead of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS, makes the compulsory contact with the child in case THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS are not able to do so because of illness, financial difficulties, urgent business obligations or travel difficulties. THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS cover the expenses for this activity.
• Preparation of the required documents.
• Filing the documents together with a written application, signed by THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS and stating the child's future name, with the Ministry of Justice.

Within two months after receiving the report for the child, THE FOUNDATION sends to the Ministry of Justice a notification for consent or lack of consent to continue further the adoption procedure for the specific child.

3. Written consent of the Ministry of Justice for the adoption

The Intercountry Adoptions Council makes a proposal to the Minister of Justice for giving an express written consent for adoption.
Within 3 days after receiving the notification of the written consent of the Minister, due Court fee and the application for adoption.
Within 7 days after the presentation of the Court fee and the application for adoption in the Ministry, Thre Ministry of Justice shall duly forward the file to the Court.
THE FOUNDATION, on behalf of THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS, receives the written consent given by the Minister of Justice for the child's adoption and the notification, stating the dossier has been sent to the Court.

4. Court procedure

The Court, within 14 days as of receiving the dossier, schedules the legal cession in camera. The Court produces a decision, which is announced at a legal cession. THE FOUNDATION ensures THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS' legal representation before the Court. The Court decision is enforced after a 14-day term after it has been announced.

5. Next steps

THE FOUNDATION elaborates the necessary documents and undertakes all actions relevant to:

• conveying the Court decision to the Ministry of Justice;
• receiving a certificate of conformity under art. 23 paragraph 1 of the Convention for Children's Protection and Cooperation in the Field of International Adoption;
• issue of a new certificate of birth;
• receiving child's international passport;
• obtaining a visa for the child/ if necessary accordingly to the particulary country/ .

6. Taking the child

THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS come to Bulgaria and take the child from the respective institution they are placed in. The actions are organized and coordinated through the mediation of THE FOUNDATION.
A meeting, organized by THE FOUNDATION, is carried out in the respective Consular Office/ if necessary/ and THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS and the child are able to leave the country.
ADOPTIVE PARENTS' travels to Bulgaria and accompanying the child under the General Rules:

Two stays in the Republic of Bulgaria have to be foreseen:
- minimum initial contact with the child - 5 days;
- taking the child - up to 5 working days.

For these stays THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS do not need to have visas (passports are compulsory). THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS do not need vaccines.

THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS accompany the child outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. THE FOUNDATION is able to ensure the child's accompanying under the conditions of the General Rules to the contract.