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What people say for us

How do you find the quality of services provided by Foundation's team?

1. Foundation's team organized very well our stay - translator for making the first contacts with Anna and pediatrician for Mathias. The logistic was fully managed by the Foundation - transport in Bulgaria and hotels. I have to mention that the adoption dossier was completed thoroughly and precisely and thus the documents were correct yet at the first stage (very important fact, helping us to avoid time waste and enabling us to come back as soon as possible to take the child).

Florence and Georges, parents of Mathis and A      

2. The Foundation plays a very important role. Mrs. Pentcheva's team is very active and efficient at all stages of the adoption procedure. This team is a reliable and indispensable agent, especially in case of administrative drawbacks.

Maurice Bruckler, France, m.bruckler@evhr.net      

3. First of all Foundation's team took care of our ease, comfort and security. All these alleviated the stress and benefited the first meeting with the child since adopting from abroad is always very stressful! Mirena, thank you very much!

Nadine, France      

4. We were well served and supported. The team is really wonderful. Mrs. Pentcheva, the translators and other staffs are highly qualified people. Apart from language skills translator's work requires also good knowledge of children's psychology, which was really helpful both for making contact with our daughter and for mastering the emotions of our elder son, who felt really helpful in this delicate situation. We had absolutely no concerns about the adoption procedure since all documents had been well prepared and the adoption dossier had been properly followed up and completed. Sometimes Foundation's team withdrew delicately to leave us alone with the child.

France, Famille 'Les Animaux Musiciens'      

5. Wonderful, professional and highly motivated team.

Carole and Stéphane, parents of Guido and Nikolay, France      

6. On the one hand everything is very clear, precise and professional (meeting deadlines and undertakings, giving pieces of advice, reminding important things on several occasions, perfect organizations, bilingual staffs, knowledge of procedures and meeting requirements) and on the other hand Foundation's team evidences compassion, sympathy and politeness. All these make you feel comfortable and, which is most important, help you to concentrate fully on establishing relations with the child.

Joël and Anne-Marie, S., France