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Mission and purposes

Шанс за всящо дете

Our mission is: to contribute to children's welfare and social and cultural development in healthy family environment, encouraging children's growing, development and integration in society;

to make efforts for durable setting up children's statute and upon fulfilling the requirements of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, enforced in Bulgaria as of July 3, 1991, and Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, dated May 29, 1993, to help the prospective adoptive parents in the adoption procedure of Bulgarian children outside the country of origin;
and after the adoption;
to support and improve the conditions for growing and educating Bulgarian children deprived from parent cares.

The purposes of The Foundation are:

Chance for Every Child

1. To support the establishment of favorable economic, social and spiritual environment for development of the Bulgarian children according to the existing laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and ratified conventions for children rights protection;

2. To pay special attention to and give specific legal, social, material and moral support to:
2.1. Single children without parents - orphans;
2.2. Children deprived of parent's cares and family environment;
2.3. Physically or mentally disabled children, including issues of moral, intellectual and social development.

3. To promote the social integration of children of risky groups, formed on ethnic and social principles, through finding for them the most suitable steady family, in order to ensure for the children a successful socialization, welfare and personal development and realization;

4. To overcome the differences and confrontations based on ideological, ethnic and religious bases between the Bulgarian children and