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Special measures

If in the register no appropriate adopters are entered, and the Council for International Adoption is not able to determine appropriate adopters among the persons registered or the determined adopters have refused adopting a child with a health problem, special needs or over 7 years old, the Minister of Justice shall undertake the following special measures:

1. To publish on a monthly basis between the 25th and 30th day on the official website of the Ministry general information about each child;

2. To provide information and detailed data about the specificities of the particular child with regard to submitted application by an Bulgarian accredited organization; if necessary a photo may be provided too; to the application shall be enclosed a statement with notarized certification of signature that the data and the photo will be used only as intended.

The accredited organization to which the materials and the documents under pg. 1, clause 2 have been provided, undertakes to return them if within two months after receipt of the information, no application for adoption has been filed by an adopter in the Ministry of Justice.

The filed application for adoption of a child under pg. 1 shall be considered immediately. It shall be accompanied by the documents necessary to enter in the Register. In case of any discrepancies in the application or in the enclosed documents, the Ministry of Justice shall notify the accredited organization and shall give instructions for their elimination. The dely of 30 days will not apply in this case.

The information about the children under pg. 1, clause 1 may be provided to a government authority or to a foreign accredited organization nominated by such government authority in the event that a contract has been executed to this end.