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Documents necessary for the registration of the prospective adoptive parents usually residing abroad as a candidates adoptive parents in the Register of the Ministry of Justice in Republic of Bulgaria

1. Application to the Minister of Justice, deposited through the central body of the respective country or through an accredited organization that has received a permit by the minister of justice in Republic of Bulgaria .
The application contains: brief introduction, personal data, name, nationality, citizenship, data and place of birth, state of permanent residence, address; short family history of the adoptive parent, information on the financial status of the adoptive parent; information about the central authority or the accredited agency in the accepting country that offers adoption services to the adoptive parent, including contact information, address, telephone numbers, representative (if the adoptive parents use the services of a branch office of the accredited agency), as well as a document that the foreign adoption agency is accredited; other circumstances that might prove important for the adoption process; signature of the applicant;

2. Power of attorney between the association and the candidates for adoptive parents;

3. Signed contract between the association and the candidates for adoptive parents / accredited foreign organization;

4. Approval for adoption of a child according to the legislation the permanent residence of the adoptive parent;

5. Document issued by a competent body and certifying that the adoptive parent has not been deprived of parental rights;/ Child abuse clearance/;

6. Social study /Home Study/ regarding the adoptive parent, also containing information about the members of his family, including his health status; issued by an accredited agency or licensed social worker. The license of the agency or the social worker shall be attached;

7. Medical letter regarding the health status of the adoptive parent, reflecting his physical and mental health, the lack of grave chronic, infectious venereal diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis, and other diseases endangering his health;

8. Certificate of conviction of the adoptive parent- Criminal background clearance;

9. Certificate of marriage;

10. Document issued by a competent body and certifying that decision for adoption, pronounced by the Bulgarian Court will be recognize in the country of the permanent residence of the adoptive parent, unless the adoptive parent has the permanent residence in a country, adopted the Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, passed on May 29, 1993 (Hague Adoption Convention);

11. License of the accredited agency for intermediation in the sphere of international adoption, issued by of a relevant authority in the accepting country; including contact information, address, telephone, branch offices and conditions on the accreditation of the agency;

12. Copy of an identity document- passport of the prospective parents without an appostile;

All foreign documents should be presented in the Ministry of Justice in their original, with apostille, and with a certified translation in the Bulgarian language.

The application of the adoptive parents will be considered by the Ministry of Justice within 30 days of submission. All documents of the adoptive parents shall be provided in original with apostill.

When omissions or discrepancies are established in the presented documentation, the Ministry of Justice shall notify the central body, or, respectively, the accredited organizations, and shall give instructions with regard to their elimination in a 30-day term as of notification.

In case the flaws are not eliminated in the term stipulated in the notification, the submitted documents will not be considered and will be returned to the sender. On the grounds of the submitted documents, the adoptive parent shall be entered into the register, if he complies to the requirements of the family code. Entry shall be effected according to the order of receipt of the documents in the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice shall notify in writing the sender in a term of 14 days as of effectuation of entry.

In case the person is not entered, the documents shall be returned to the sender with a notification containing the reason for the no-entry.