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Mediation for international adoption is a controlled activity pursuant to a regime of licensing and control. Mediation for international adoption is an activity, comprised in the purposes, and is ONE OF THE MEANS for achieving these purposes.

SHANS ZA VSIAKO DETE Foundation is holder of Permission No. 183 dated May 5th, 2020, issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria pursuant to art. 121 of the Family Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, in its capacity of Central body under the Convention of The Hague and enabling the Foundation to mediate for international adoption, as an accredited organization, for the following countries: France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Ireland, Holland, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, United States of America, Sweden, Belgium.

Permission No. 183 dated 05.05.2020 is valid until May 12th, 2025.

The activity of the Foundation as an accredited organization for mediation for international adoptions complies fully with the acts, regulating this activity, and is specified in details in the Information for the Fees and Expenses of the Foundation as well as in the Information about the Foundation Under Art. 20 of Regulation No. 2/2014 of the Ministry of Justice.