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Our team

Professional experience of the team of the Foundation

THE FOUNDATION, acting as an ACCREDITED ORGANIZATION, makes sure that the its lawyers, psychologists, pedagogues, physicians and other specialists, trained to fulfill international adoptions, exercise in good faith their rights and obligations and their behavior deserves the confidence and respect of the society. THE ORGANIZATION ensures that the obligation of loyalty and respect of its workers to THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS is respected. During the selection of its workers THE ORGANIZATION ensures these poses moral qualities, professional skills, experience and responsibility and makes sure these will not disclose information about THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS that they have learned on the occasion of working for THE ORGANIZATION.

The team of the Foundation comprises:

1. Ms. Mirena Hristoforova Pencheva - lawyer.
Length of professional experience: 29 years.
Experience in international adoptions: 19 years. Professional experience with children during the adoption procedures.
Specialization in international private law in France; in 1995 reported to a conference on international adoptions in France, organized by national French organization Childhood, Family, Adoption, established by adoptive-parents; long years of professional experience as lawyer, dealing with international adoptions; publications of juridical consultations, relevant to issues of adoption.Speeks English, French, Italian, Spain, Russian. She is graduating the psychology in New Bulgarian University in Sofia.

2. Asst.Prof. Totko Misrobov Tatyozov - psychologist.
Length of professional experience with children: 35 years.
Methodological director of the children's prophylactic institutions (orphanages, different levels of day-care children's institutions) for issues relevant to children's psychological development and education of young children. Author of books and co-author of a program for education of children up to 3; author of more than 80 scientific articles on psychological and educational issues. Director of case-oriented training courses on psychological development and education of young children carried out in the National Institute of Pediatrics and National Center of Hygiene, medical ecology and nutrition. Lecturer in the Faculty of early and pre-school pedagogy near Kliment Ohridski Sofia University and New Bulgarian University.
Specialization on children and medical psychology in Scientific Institute of Pediatrics. Worked in the department for psychological hygiene of the young children and youth near the Ministry of Health (Section for early and pre-school age). Professional interests in the fields of psychology of the development, pedagogy of young children, organization of the work in the children's prophylactic institutions.

3. Ms. Ana Yordanova Kostova - pedagogue.
Length of professional experience with children: 36 years.
Professional experience in children's protection: methodological director of orphanages, methodological director of National Institute of Pediatrics - 17 years; Director of case-oriented training courses on early children's psychology; Lecturer in the Institute for Medical Staffs - methodology; scientific and popular publications - 30; scientific publications - 2; member of commission on Pedagogical Requirements towards Children Toys; presenter of Early Childhood program in Umit (magazine covering ethnic issues); co-author of Book on Day-Care Pedagogy.
Qualification of medical psychology from the Institute of Pediatrics; worked in the Institute of Pediatrics as national methodological director of orphanages; scientific publications and media contribution for different programs relevant to pedagogy; long years of professional experience as pedagogue.

4. Ms. Lilia Mihaylova Anguelova - lawyer.
Length of juridical experience - 8 years. Experience in international adoptions – 9 years. Professional experience with children during the adoption procedures.
Assistant to Ms. Mirena Pencheva with good knowledge on foreign laws relevant to international adoptions; professional experience with children and children placed in institutions.